Latecomers welcome?

Starting my first blog in 2012 hardly makes me a media pioneer, I realise.  As a student in the late 90s I had a website on which I published opera reviews, but once I started writing for other people’s publications, I quickly let it fizzle out.

Times change, social media has come to form a major part of my life, and I am no longer an active opera critic as such. A perceived conflict of interest between performing and reviewing led me to a decision last year to resign from the online arts magazines to which I had been sporadically contributing.

I didn’t think I’d miss writing, and usually, I don’t.  But recently my love for opera – not to be confused with perpetual attendance, which has never wavered – has been powerfully reignited, not that I’d previously been conscious of it having died down.  I didn’t want to create a review site, but decided I needed an outlet for my occasional ramblings – especially those that are too detailed or complex for Twitter.  So here I am.

This blog is mainly going to be about opera.  I am madly in love with Verdi, as my chosen blog title suggests.  I love Wagner.  I love lyric and dramatic sopranos.  I rather love basses, too.  I have a bit of a director-fetish when it comes to David McVicar and Richard Jones. I’m all about live performance, and only have a tiny collection of recorded music (and don’t own an iPod).  I live in London, but get to other UK opera venues when it takes my fancy; I occasionally venture into Europe (though never yet farther afield).  I imagine I may also write a little about singing, theatre, concerts, ballet, food and drink, trash television, and the idiosyncrasies of London life.  I will undoubtedly plug the odd performance that I or my friends are involved with.  I’m not going to review everything I see, and I make no commitment in respect of detail or balance.  But if you’re reading, thank you!


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