On the horizon

The 2012/13 season announcements are trickling in from the major opera companies, and I must say that so far I’m a trifle underwhelmed.  A few tasty things at the UK houses aside, there’s little to tempt me to spend serious time or money travelling anywhere (Jonas Kaufmann singing Parsifal at the Met is a notable exception, but a cinema ticket will be sooooo much cheaper…).  But I’m aware of three or four things at the 2013 and 2014 summer festivals which I’ll consider unmissable, and there are some nice rumours circulating about what certain people may be up to in the 2013/14 season.  So my inclination is towards an economy drive in the coming year, in preparation for a hardcore opera extravaganza in 2013/14!

That said, at the time of writing this, most of my favourite singers’ whereabouts during the 2012/13 season are unaccounted for.  There simply must be something, somewhere, to reel me in.  And keep a lot of opera singers off the streets…


3 thoughts on “On the horizon

  1. I’m sure you have the same list of individual websites as do it. It is frustrating…you KNOW they are booked a good two years ahead at any given time, so, the least their webmasters could do is PUBLISH the info!!!
    well-done, btw, and welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. I’ve linked you on mine. Link to me? http://weaversouth.blogspot.com/ not music-oriented, but, hey, I do my best!!!

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